During the 1940’s and 1950’s,  E.S. Adkins and Company (Adkins) acquired a lot of properties as an aside to the lumber production at the sawmill that was one of its main businesses.  In the early 1960’s,  Stanton Adkins started subdividing some of those tracts into communities.  Deer Harbour was his first affluent community and toward the late 1970’s he could see it would be sold out in about 10 years.  He turned his attention to having another such community just down the road, “Foxchase”. 
At that point, Adkins had three parcels of land and Stanton acquired a fourth to make up a total of 414 acres.  In the late 1970’s a lot of topographic and soil testing was done and then a lot of planning and digging (the pond and the roads).  Finally, a “final” plat was approved for the first section.  The roads and tennis courts were put in and the first homes were started in 1986.  The first house was bought by Mel and Judy Carlson and in 1987 they moved in.  Mel was the first President of the Association and served with distinction for 7 years.  Many more houses have been built in the ensuing years and 97 families currently reside in the Foxchase development. 
The community boasts a yearly picnic, Easter Egg Hunt and other social functions on a more ad hoc basis.  The playground and the landscaping are periodically upgraded as needed.  We have a pond, a soccer field, tennis courts, a pavilion and picnic tables for use by the community.